Oversees his namesake Chantry in medieval Prague, whose entrance is ostensibly a simple apothecary in Golden Lane, locked until after the party kills the Golem and Serena joins.

Ardan begins the transformation of Erik: "Thy providential attack did interrupt the sorceror Ardan as he began a conjuration to twist me into a mindless gargoyle. At the sound of thy coming, the Tremere snake slithered into the chambers below."

He threatens the completion of a ritual prepared while he stalls for time, in the same way as Etrius later does, but less comes of it than the spells that Tremere Lords later use at will. They, like Etrius, can use Call Lightning.

Anezka Edit

See Anezka#Ardan's Chantry

Ardan is considerably better looking than the almost cartoonish Etrius and has a much better speech, his poetic, albeit slaveholding, admiration of Anezka reflecting a more relaxed attitude to slaver unlife than the workaholic Tremere dictator-slaver.

He is very impressed with Anezka: "I did not know what she was. And in not knowing, I was intrigued. Intrigued, and strangely..drawn to her."

He does not believe in Golconda, dubbing it a fairy tale told to "weak-willed Cainites". This is to be expected: it would behoove those of the clan that diablerized the veritable god of the path of Humanitus, Saulot, to find fault with its tenets.

Game mechanics Edit

He is voiced by Dan Woren (EtriusJiri Borijov et al)

Abilities: Common: Blood Healing, Feed. Auspex: Heightened Senses Dominate: Mesmerize. Lure of Flames: Flame Ring ****, Immolate ***

300 HP, blood, XP

Ardan is one of the few bosses that gets a proper model and AI in the Multiplayer actors list

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