Only one skill. It is one of the more expensive skills, costing 30 blood, and has no requirement. The duration and magnitude (speed) increases (and blood cost goes down?)

It has a dual purpose, movement speed and attack speed; it makes sense that it is less effective at increasing damage than Potence. It is, of course, one of the more popular skills; everyone loves to get places faster, even if they are not fighting.

Erik receives this skill after the encounter with Luther Black, after the party has left Stephensdom; Samuel, after the modern age encounter with Orsi. Brujah and Toreador in single- and multi-player get this skill; Christof, Wilhem, and Pink start with it, as does the Toreador Lily.

Within the Darkness and other modifications to the game may create characters of other clans not normally in Redemption that also use this skill