Hell Hound, black type, in the Cathedral of Flesh

'List of creatures' links here. For an overview of creatures in the storytelling of V:tM-R, see Creatures in V:tM - Redemption. For the actors who spoke the lines in the voice files, see Voice actors

Combatable NPCs. Consider this list incomplete until further notice

Only Modern-day Setites have resistance to Fire, and no creatures have resistance to Faith

Note that Armor and Shields list Lethal resistances first, then Bashing. NPCs and characters list Bashing resistance first

Arming Creatures Edit

Generally speaking, and somewhat ironically, melee weapon user NPCs can be usefully armed with almost any weapon, from either millenium, although their animation for ranged weapons will be strange indeed, like the "curving bullet" attack in Wanted. Ranged weapons users can only use weapons in their native class. E.g. Shotgun NPCs can use rifle-type weapons (rifle, assault rifle, stakegun); pistol users can use one-handed ranged weapons like Revolver, Submachine Gun, Incinerator, etc. There are some anomalies; e.g. Ventrue with Chaingun and Shotgun can both use Stakeguns, and Ventrue Chaingun can use Shotgun (although it bears the shotgun with an ill-fitting grip and animation), but the Ventrue Shotgun NPC cannot fire Chainguns. Only the (Society of Leopold) Lab Worker can use thrown weapons. Creatures that use bite attacks can in most if not all cases be equipped with Brass Knuckles, which nerfs their damage down if needed, and sometimes, such as in the case of the Wolf, with dagger weapons, although this results in the dagger being displayed on, or more accurately in, the paw of the creature.

Combat AI Edit

All these creatures are set to the default of Aggressive, with the exception of those with Type: Guard, which will attack any of the other hostile types on sight, and move to attack any player characters that they see using a somewhat difficult to define range of disciplines; broadly speaking, those that are potentially hostile.

All Storyline NPCs can be possessed and made to attack manually by the Storyteller, but only the ones that are fought in combat in the single player game have a natural combat AI, and there are exceptions, that can only combat when possessed. Exceptions include Count Orsi (cannot be targeted by players at all; substitution: Ventrue dark age), the Leaves of Three NPCs (Underprince substitutes for the Nosferatu leader), and the Curse the Darkness NPCs. Those NPCs with an AI are included twice; immediately below and further below, in the #Storyline NPCs section

Type - rename X - to replace the NPC's current name with X, which can be longer than can be properly displayed; a workable length is about 25 characters.

Gallery Edit

Redemption single player Edit

Name Health Blood XP Type ID Damage Bash Lethal Aggrav Notes
Ahzra 150 100 200 Tzimisce boss 5 Aggr Always drops Exquisite Dagger
Alligator Animal? 30 Aggr Brass Knuckles not only reduces damage, but speeds up attacks considerably, and removes the 'Maul' special attack
Ardan 300 200 600 Tremere boss Always drops Call Lightning spell scroll
Bobbie 100 Mana: 20 50 Guard Guard in London; Humanity loss; fights hostiles
Cappadocian 100 80 50 Cappadocian
Cappadocian female 100 80 50 Cappadocian
Corpse Minion 80 80 25 Capp risen
Count Orsi 300 140 1500 Ventrue boss
Dark Hunter 100 0 75 Wraith 25 Aggr 1000 resist to Bashing and Lethal
Demon Hound 100 80 75 Magic Smaller black and larger red versions, both with same stats. Black version, with different stats, is Brujah Beckoning pet
Elemental 200 80 400 Magic
Etrius 350 160 1000 Tremere boss
Father Leopold 300 80 500 Leopold boss, Ghoul
Gangrel 120 100 70 Gangrel
Gargoyle 200 200 90 Magic
Gargoyle 2 150 150 90 Magic
Gargoyle Erik 300 200 90 Magic
Ghoul 100 80 40 Ghoul
Ghoul Rat 20 80 10 Ghoul, animal
Ghoul Rat (big) 30 80 20 Ghoul, animal
Ghoul Spider 120 80 75 Ghoul, animal
Ghoul Spider baby 60 20 20 Ghoul, animal
Giovanni 150 130 100 Giovanni
Giant Cobra 250 130 1000 Setite boss
Golem 300 0 500 Magic
Guard 100 Mana: 20 50 Guard Guard in ; Humanity loss; fights hostiles
Hopper 100 30 20 Magic
Knight Of St. John 100 Mana: 20 50 Guard Guard in Prague; Humanity loss; fights hostiles
Lab Soldier 70 Mana: 20 75 Human No Feed: Neckguard?
Lab Worker 100 Mana: 60 70 Human 3 types; the one with Holy water can use throwing weapons such as Shurikens, grenades and Waxen Poetica
Lasombra 120 100 70 Lasombra
Lasombra Ghoul 100 80 30 Lasombra Can use most weapons effectively
Lucretia 250 130 1000 Setite boss
Malkavian 150 130 100 Malkavian
Maqqabah The Golem 300 0 500 Magic Boss in Jewish Quarter
Mercurio 300 200 500 Cappadocian Boss in Cappadocian sanctum at Petrin Hill Monastery
Nosferatu fledgling (claws) 100 100 70 Nosferatu 15 Aggr
Nosferatu fledgling (scimitar) 100 100 70 Nosferatu 30 Lethal Can use most weapons effectively
Nosferatu fledgling (2H Sword) 100 100 100 Nosferatu Uses and holds correctly, 2H Swords
Nosferatu fledgling (Halberd) 100 100 100 Nosferatu Uses and holds correctly, 'Pole' weapons including Quarterstaff and Pitchfork
Nosferatu Neo (claws) 120 Nosferatu 15 Aggr Completely different character model than the other Dark Ages Generations of Nos
Nosferatu Ancillae 150 Nosferatu 15 Aggr
Nosferatu Elder 200 Nosferatu 15 Aggr
Nosferatu Methuselah 300 Nosferatu 15 Aggr
Nosferatu Fledgling (modern) Nosferatu All modern Nosferatu share the same character model, but have different weapons and skills
Nosferatu Neo 150 Nosferatu
Nosferatu Ancillae 150 Nosferatu
Nosferatu Elder 200 Nosferatu
Nosferatu Methuselah 300 Nosferatu
Othelios 200 140 500 Nosferatu Boss in Joseph's Tunnels and To Curse the Darkness. Always drops Evil Axe
Policeman 100 Mana: 20 50 Guard Guard in New York; Humanity loss; fights hostiles
Premysl Revenant 60 90 40 Tzi ghoul
Skeleton (bow) 60 0 30 Risen
Skeleton (scimitar) 60 0 30 Risen Can be armed with pistols, SMG, etc
Skeleton (bastard) 60 0 30 Risen
Follower of Set 120 100 70 Setite Various distinctions, see article
Szlachta 80 45 20 Tzi ghoul
Szlachta (advanced) Tzi ghoul
Szlachta (boss) 90 45 40 Tzi ghoul
Teutonic Captain (Boss) 200 Mana: 20 50 Human blackknight 80 50 80 50 No Feed. Always drops Exquisite Battleaxe. Boss in Teutonic Base
Teutonic Captain 200 Mana: 20 50 Human 65 50 80 50 No Feed
Teutonic Knight 150 Mana: 20 50 Human 65 30 80 30 No Feed
Teutonic Knight 150? Mana: 20 50? Guard No Feed. Guard in Vienna; Humanity loss; fights hostiles
Tremere 120 100 70 Tremere
Tremere Apprentice 120 100 100 Tremere
Tremere Lord 120 100 500 Tremere Call Lightning, Prison of Ice, Immolate
Tzimisce 120 100 70 Tzimisce
Underprince 200 140 1200 Nosferatu Boss in NY Sewers
Vaclav 250 0 500 Wraith 25 Cold 1000 resist to Cold, Electricity and Lethal. Boss in Joseph's Tunnels
Ventrue 150 130 100 Ventrue
Viper 50 80 20  ? Inexplicably, not classed as an animal for the purposes of Feral Whispers and Beckoning. The Setite summoned Viper is actually more powerful
Virstania 300 140 300 Tremere Boss in Haus de Hexe Gargoyle Lair
Vozhd 500 80 550 Tzimisce ghoul boss
Vukodlak 2000 200 1000 Tzimisce boss
War Ghoul 120 60 60 Tzi ghoul Formidable enemy in Silver Mines; later versions are relatively tame, despite being enhanced
War Ghoul (Vyzherad) Tzi ghoul
War Ghoul (advanced) Tzi ghoul The whole of the Factory is designed for the tail end of the single player game to be a challenge for Methuselahs, but this enemy in particular is ill suited for beginning characters that attempt the Leaves of Three scenario
Werewolf 350 130 1000 Lupine Both encounters are avoidable; attacks on the way to Vienna if Erik is not in the group, and/or attacks at the Tower of London exit after obtaining Lucretia's Heart
Wolf 120 80 20 Animal
Wraith 120 0 125 Wraith 30 Cold 1000 resist to Cold and Lethal
Zombu 80 80 25 Capp risen
Zulo 3000 200 2000 Tzimisce boss

Leaves of Three Edit

Name Health Blood XP Type ID Damage Bash Lethal Aggrav Notes
Malkavian 150 130 100 Malkavian

Multiplayer only Edit

All multiplayer vampires do a standard 15 Aggravated hand damage, whether they are displayed with fists and make punching noises when they hit, or shown with claws and making the aggravated damage 'scratching' noise of Feral Claws

Gen stands for Generation. Cain is/was the first generation vampire; those vampires he sired were second generation, and so on. In normal roleplaying, it is not possible to rise in power to a smaller number generation. In normal play of the single player game, however, Christof reduces his generation to a more powerful one during the course of the game. In ST mode, PC generation can be decreased with the Advancement tab, making Dominate skills useful

Name Health Blood XP Type ID Damage Bash Lethal Aggrav Notes
Brujah Fledgling (dark ages) 100 100 100? Brujah, Gen x brujah_fledgling_da? 15 Aggr Same model as Cosmo and other dark ages Brujah
Brujah Fledgling (modern day) 100 100 100? Brujah, Gen x brujah_fledgling_md? 15 Aggr Same model as Pink and other modern day Brujah
Brujah (dark ages) 120 100 125 Brujah, Gen 10 brujah_da 15 Aggr
Brujah (modern day) 120 100 125 Brujah, Gen 10 brujah_md 15 Aggr
Brujah Neophyte (dark ages) 120 100 125 Brujah, Gen 10 brujah_neo_da 15 Aggr
Brujah Neophyte (modern day) 120 100 125 Brujah, Gen 10 brujah_neo_md 15 Aggr
Brujah Ancillae (dark ages) 120 100 125 Brujah, Gen 10 brujah_neo_da 15 Aggr
Brujah Ancillae (modern day) 120 100 125 Brujah, Gen 10 brujah_anc_md 15 Aggr
Brujah Elder (dark ages) 120 100 125 Brujah, Gen 10 brujah_eld_da 15 Aggr
Brujah Elder (modern day) 120 100 125 Brujah, Gen 10 brujah_eld_md 15 Aggr

Storyline NPCs Edit

Minor Bosses with no dialogue are included. NPCs here that have a combat AI are included above as well. All NPCs can be renamed by being selected and using the Console. Type - rename X - to replace the NPC's current name with X.

Name Type ID Notes
Ahzra Tzimisce boss ahzra Always drops Exquisite Dagger
Allesandro Giovanni Giovanni Boss allesandro Boss, in both senses of the word
Alexandra Ruthven Toreador alexandra Lily's Sire. Same model as Arianna and modern Toreador
Anezka Human anezka, others The most important character to the storyline outside of player characters
Ardan Tremere boss ardan Always drops Call Lightning spell scroll
ARIANNA Toreador Leaves of Three
BILL Ghoul bill Leaves of Three
Count Orsi Ventrue boss orsi Player cannot target, even if set to Hostile
Etrius Tremere boss etrius
Father Leopold Leopold boss, Ghoul Killing him loses Humanity; look around for an alternative
Gargoyle Erik Magic Ardan is coded to give his speech every time Erik dies, even if he is a Shambling Horde member
Giant Cobra Setite boss Lucretia's combat form; available as the final Serpentis skill in WoDmod
HEAVYG Brujah heavyG Leaves of Three. Modern Day and Dark Age player character models; the MD is the same as nyciv4 and the DA has the same max armor as the Teutonic blackknight model
Ilig Nosferatu guide ilig Gives clue to get through the maze in Josef's Tunnels / CtD Tunnels 3
[]Jiri]] DA weapon seller praguesmithy Jiri Borijov. Introduces Unorna to Christof, if he has not already visited her Golden Lane apothecary
JOHNSTON Tremere johnston Leaves of Three
Josef Nosferatu josef, josef_chalice Same model as Melmoth
Kazi Ventrue clan. Ghoul? kazi, kazimod Dark ages and modern versions; same model as the Sabbat sisters in Leaves of Three. The Player Character Kazi models are completely different clothing, same as civilian models.
Knight of St. John Guard Guard in Prague; Humanity loss; fights hostiles
LECOMTE  ? Rene LeComte, To Curse the Darkness. Possibly a Ventrue. Has a Toreador's obsession with art
Libussa Tzimisce ghoul libussa First appears at the Vyzherad Castle gate inside Prague, seen in the company of Vukodlak or his coffin twice thereafter
Lucretia Setite boss lucretia Her combination of blood drain and healing makes her unbeatable at low damage output levels; give some thought before placing her in scenarios
LUKE Toreador? Ghoul Michaela's ghoul in Lo3; releases party from the Sun Room so they can clear Michaela of Dominic's impending frame-up. Same model as nyciv1
Luther Black Lasombra priest lutherblack
Maqqabah The Golem Magic maqqabah Boss in Jewish Quarter
Mendel Jewish Kabbalist 'mage' mendel Guide NPC; enlightens Christof both on the Shem's power over the Golem and the Kabbalists' outlook on God and vampires
MELMOTH Nosferatu melmoth Boss in CtD. No AI
Mercurio Cappadocian apprentice mercurio Boss in Cappadocian sanctum at Petrin Hill Monastery
Mirabilis Tremere mirabilis Murdered in Leaves of Three; same model as Etrius
Mugger Human mugger How else would Christof get nice trousers?
Orvus Human, Order of Hermes orvus, orvusbat Helpful 'quest NPC' and Apothecary in Eastern Ringstrasse in Vienna (magic items)
Othelios Nosferatu othelios, nosferatuboss Boss in Joseph's Tunnels and To Curse the Darkness. Always drops Evil Axe
Otto Malkavian otto, ottovan Black market weapon seller (ST version does not sell)
Premysl Revenant Tzimisce ghoul premysl, others Various have speeches outside the Convent and in Vyzherad Castle
Prince Rudolf Ventrue princerudolf Prince of Prague. Christof must challenge the Prince's humanity to advance his own
RAGWICK Nosferatu Ghoul ragwick, CtD, ghoul of Melmoth taken in by Rene LeComte. Same model, hanging upside down, seen in Orsi's Western Ringstrasse haven in Vienna
Sorvena Human witch sorvena Prague magic seller of To Curse the Darkness scenario.
Sumner Montague Human magic seller sumner Curio Shop in London. Different lines of greeting if Pink is in the party?
Teutonic Captain (Boss) Human blackknight No Feed. Always drops Exquisite Battleaxe. Boss in Teutonic Base
Teta Ventrue. Ghoul? teta, tetamod Mute sister, servant of Orsi. Same model as Dark Ages Toreador
TRACI Brujah Fledgling traci HeavyG's protege, murdered by the Sabbat sisters as per Dominic's plan in Lo3
Underprince Nosferatu underprince Boss in NY Sewers
Vaclav Wraith vaclav 1000 resist to Cold, Electricity and Lethal. Boss in Joseph's Tunnels
Virstania Tremere virstania Boss in Haus de Hexe Gargoyle Lair
Zil Ventrue. Ghoul? zil, zilmod Mute sister, servant of Orsi. Dark ages version is the same model as Michaela, which shows that the game creators believed some DA models can be used in modern age

Civilians Edit

Some of the ST creatures below can be used as civilians with the correct settings.

Prague and Vienna Edit

orderofhermes . Order of Hermes, same model as Orvus

London Edit

All London civilians are labelled "Pedestrian" ingame, and are at 30 HP out of a max of 100, the low HP making their nametags reddish.

  • lonciv1 . Mustachioed man with an umbrella; he holds it, or any other item he is equippped with, aloft, and twirls non-umbrella items at dangerous-looking speed when walking
  • lonciv2 . Same model as the modern Zil player character in full modern armor (leather jacket and above)
  • lonciv3 . Same model as Bill Campbell

New York Edit

All New York civilians are labelled "Pedestrian" ingame, except for the Old Man. They are all at 30 HP out of a max of 100, the low HP making their nametags reddish.

  • nyciv1 . Same model as Luke (releases the players from the Sun Room in the Factory) from Leaves of Three. Says he will meet the player next day, but all that happens is an ambush, and Bill shows up instead. Here is your chance for revenge. Just kidding. Hands clasped behind back, moving upper body from left to right
  • nyciv1_standing . Hands in pockets, head bowed, doing knee bends, the picture of consternation
  • nyciv2 . Same model as the modern Kazi player character in full modern armor (leather jacket and above)
  • nyciv3 . Old Man . As bent over as the medieval version, despite advances in chiropracty
  • nyciv4 . Same as the Brujah HeavyG character from Leaves of 3, and the modern HeavyG player character model in full modern armor (leather jacket and above). The Dark Age HeavyG character has the same impressive armor as the Teutonic Captain boss (blackknight) when in Chain Mail? or better

Redemption storyline only Edit

  • Count Orsi, in his modern suit and bow tie, cannot be attacked. No substitution. Dark Ages Ventrue can substitute for the medieval Count Orsi.
  • The swimming alligator cannot be placed in the Sewers because that location does not exist in the NW multiplayer map; conceivably it could be placed at the Prague bridge.

Leaves of Three only Edit

  • All NPCs including Dominic cannot be attacked. 'lonciv2' or 'zil' NPCs can fill in for Michaela, 'nyciv4' can substitute for HeavyG, and 'dancer' (dancer in the Club Tenebrae in London) for his protege Traci, but they have no AI. Any 'Toreador' will fight and can be fought; the model is the same as, and can be renamed to, Arianna. Same for the 'underprince' and Mr. Shreck. Of the Tremere, the younger is the same model as the london magic seller, but neither have AI. The murdered elder is of course the same model as Etrius, who not only fights but fights hard.

To Curse the Darkness only Edit

All of the NPCs with the exception of the Ventrue and the Nosferatu have civilian counterparts; the Ventrue can be substituted but the Nosferatu has no AI. Othelios exists as a normal and correctly named enemy with an AI.

ST Edit

Versions of the other NPCs that facilitate storytelling; some that would not otherwise have an AI are given one; ones that would be untargetable even if set to hostile can be, etc.

Pets Edit

Not sure about this designation, frankly. Perhaps they were originally set to not attack for game creation purposes, but they are normal enemies now.

Full list of all NPCs Edit

The list as it appears in the storyteller Actors tab, followed by the name shown ingame, if they differ. Two exceptions: all names in the list are lower case; all in the single player game begin with a capital letter; all in Leaves of Three and To Curse the Darkness are entirely capital lettters. Because these rules are easy to apply, the different versions are not always shown. Notes are shown at the end

  • ahzra . First boss
  • alexandra . ALEXANDRA . Alexandra Ruthven, Lily's sire, forced to paint Vukodlak. Same character model as modern Toreadors, and Arriana in Leaves of Three
  • allesandro . Allesandro Giovanni . Warehouse 4 in single player
  • alligator . Ghoul Alligator . A part of the Sewers that only exists in the single player game, and neither in the New York (empty) or Leaves of Three maps
  • alligator_swim . Ghoul Alligator designed to be placed on the surface of water; consequently it is sunken below whatever surface it is placed on
  • anezka . Anezka . Anezka gets the first closeup in the game's opening CGI (at release, CGI was commonly called FMV, for Full Motion Video)
  • anezka_evil . Anezka . As she appears in Vyzherad Castle
  • anezka_night . Anezka . Brown nightshirt dress. Christof visits her in her private room which is only seen in a single player cutscene. However, this room CAN be entered by players in the "Prague at night" multiplayer map
  • anezka_torch . Anezka . Swinging a lit torch as when Szlachta invade the Convent at the beginning of the game.
  • anezkamod . Anezka . As in the Cathedral of Flesh; similar dress to the one in Vyzherad.
  • anezkahead . Diary Speaker . No animation
  • archbishop . Archbishop Geza .
  • ardan . First Tremere boss . Always drops a Call of Lightning scroll
  • arriana . Toreador in Leaves of Three. Same model as Alexandra and Toreadors
  • barkeep_prague . Barkeep . Same model as the generic dark ages weapons seller.
  •  ? barkeep_vienna . Barkeep
  • bartender . Bartender from the London Club Tenebrae
  • bat . The fully animated version is indigenous to Joseph's Tunnels (1P) and the To Curse the Darkness Nosferatu lairs, but the ST model is sadly lacking in patrol paths, and the ability to fly or even flap its wings or hover. Useless other than approximating a dead bat. On the bright side, the animated bats fly so high in the room that they rarely appear on screen
  • bat_flying . Despite the name, about as lively as the regular version. You may have thought buried things and Ghoul Spiders were difficult to select with the ST, but this is either impossible or nearly. Do not place this in a save game that is being edited without a backup save beforehand.
  • bill . Bill Campbell from Leaves of Three
  • blackknight . Teutonic Captain, the boss enemy in the Teutonic Base in Vienna
  • blazej . BLAZEJ . Sheriff Blazej from To Curse the Darkness. Same model as innumerable Knights of St. John and guards
  • bobbie . The british police uniform as was most prevalent until the late 1980s or so, the helmet is now replaced with the more standard militaristic cap, and truncheons, with guns. Feel free to use NYPD-model policemen on the London map; other than the label on their backs, it is more realistic
  • brothelpatron . Setite brothel

The placeable Item rat_small and rat_small_wander are animated like creatures, of course, but they will also run from fights in their vicinity

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