The Malkavian defining discipline of Redemption, it was only available to antitribu in early versions. Not available at all in single player. There is a tome in the Leaves of Three chronicle, in second level of the Stronghold. A concise bag of tricks that plays on vampires' weaknesses. Definitely one of the weaker Discipline groups in the game, though.

Passion Edit

5 blood at 3 dots. Charisma 25 required

Passion, unusually for such skills, still remains ostensibly useful once its big brother Voice of Madness is acquired, as it also reduces a barrier against Frenzy, the Wits Attribute. Whether it is more useful to reduce Wits first rather than just Frenzy away is another matter. Limited testing shows that sometimes, Passion alone will cause Frenzy after three castings, or require many more. Most vampires will Frenzy with two castings of Drawing Out the Beast, or one of DoB with one Passion casting either before or after. So it is, at the very least, cheaper in that admittedly limited regard. Using it with Voice of Madness is as unreliable as that spell; sometimes only three VoMs are needed after a casting or three of Passion, sometimes eleven, or something in between.

The Haunting Edit

10 blood at three dots. Manipulation 35 required

The Fear caused by The Haunting suffers from the same tactical weakness as Presence's Dread Gaze and the Dread weapons: can backfire if it makes enemies flee towards other enemies, making them stronger as a group.

Eyes of Chaos Edit

15 blood at 3 dots. Perception 50 required

Shows the enemies' type (Human, ghoul, etc), and more information as it becomes stronger. Sadly for Malkavians, who also have Auspex, this skill is utterly redundant to its second skill Aura Perception. And it costs three times as much blood! At least they both use Perception, so it does not cost more to get.

Gives information about the target's stats. Alternatively, the ST can look at NPC stats. More importantly, once the target is damaged, current HP and Blood reveals less if the original maximum values are not known. The player can gain much by memorizing the three levels of vampires' stats, and deducing the level of the opponent from the damage taken, player attack misses, etc. More extended information is found in the Creature list

Voice of Madness Edit

20 blood at three dots. Manipulation 60 required

Fear and Frenzy, VoM is Jack of both trades, master of neither. Voice of Madness is unequivocally inferior to Animalism's ultimate Frenzying spell, Drawing Out the Beast. It requires five or six castings to Frenzy. It is also inferior as a "Go Away. Now." skill, to The Haunting and Presence's Dread Gaze-with a vampire breathing down one's neck, why risk it Frenzying and Feeding, leaving one helpless, instead of hurriedly leaving?