Ecaterina the Wise is the leader of the Brujah in Prague, and her haven was in its University. She is the sire of Christof Romuald and elder leader of Brujah in Prague including Cosmas and his childe Wilhelm Streicher. While she sires Christof Romuald in part because of her need for fighters against the Tremere and Tzimisce, she holds firmly to her belief in the Brujah as warrior-philosophers. To this end, she schools Christof, and adds to her own tutelage of Christof, the guidance of Wilhem. Her prudence in politics and tactics is matched repeatedly by Christof's zeal and willfulness, and in the end, even Wilhem and her lieutenant Cosmo are won over to Christof's side in opposing her will. She shows tolerance of dissent remarkable for a vampire leader in not punishing them. She is driven by her dream of restoring the haven of cooperation between vampires and humans that was ancient Carthage, destroyed by the Roman forces loyal to the Ventrue. Perhaps it is this legacy of closeness with humans that sways her to accept Christof's risk-taking on behalf of his human lover, Anezka.

Ecaterina the Wise has strong connection with the Cappadocians of Prague and was one of the most respected Kindred in Europe.

When the Camarilla is formed, Ecaterina balks at an alliance with and aid to the Ventrue, and instead she and Wilhem secretly join the Sabbat. In New York City, as a Sabbat leader, she changes her name to Catherine Weiss. Catherine is referred to by Wilhem in dialogue and does not appear in person or in voice, in the New York section of the storyline.

She is voiced by the actress Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (WP), who also acted lines for Kazi and Virstania. McGlynn has acted in scores of games and anime, and is more famous for her role as the Major, the female lead in the English language version of the Ghost in the Shell anime. She appeared in Vampire:The Masquerade - Bloodlines as Pisha the Nagaraja, a flesh-eating Kindred Witch. Among the aformentioned scores of anime, she appeared in Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, Eureka 7, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood]] and Naruto. Like John Rafter Lee, in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. She is a standard in video games as well, most recently in Diablo III; again with John Rafter Lee in Final Fantasy XIII, where she played Hope's mother Nora, and he played Cid. She sang in the Silent Hill survival horror game theme tune "Waiting for You" (YouTube link).