Lily Confronts Lucretia

Lucretia has bound Lily to her service; when Lily confronts her, the stress brings out her Beast and she howls for Lucretia's blood. Christof must intervene or lose Humanity

A Toreador with Auspex, Celerity, and Presence. Lily is a singer who was kidnapped by Setites and blood-bound to work in their London Brothel. The nature of her work there is not expounded on beyond Lily's statements about the Vampiric Kiss of blood drinking ("most mortals love the delirium that comes from being a blood donor to a vampire. especially the way I do it"). Like Serena before her, she seeks to alleviate or relieve Christof's pain at his separation from Anezka.

Christof and Pink rescue her (and eventually her Sire), making for an additional team member. She is not that powerful at first, starting off as barely a Neonate, but she has a lot of branches where she can develop.

All of the Tomes available in the Modern Times (Lure of Flames, Potence, Protean, Mortis and Animalism) to choose from. Dominate cannot be used because the tome comes from the Factory in New York and she gets it automatically after killing Lucretia in London. Obfuscate from the Setite Temple is not recommended because she gets it automatically after Alexandro Giovanni is killed.

Lily is invaluable in the Nosferatu's Sewers. There is only one Auspex user other than Christof available to the coterie at any one time; Serena dies with the Cappadocians, and there is only Lily in Modern Times.

She is also the only character in the game who can always see Obfuscated characters and also be able to cast Awe on them, since neither Presence nor Auspex tomes are available in the single-player game.

Alexandra Edit

Alexandra Ruthven, Lily's sire, is held captive in New York City, next to the New Moon compelled to paint a portrait, in blood, of Vukodlak. The entrance is the same as the spawn point for Bill Campbell and his ambush in Leaves of Three. Ventrue goons guard it. The painting is required to enter Orsi International.

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