Christof Tattered

"Now all my reason is thrown down. Surely my sleep hath made me mad. For if I am yet sane, then the world is become a lunatic asylum. Towers of glass loom over the tallest cathedral spires. Juggernauts of steel hurtle through the streets of London. The Roman roads, which once I walked as a young Crusader, are now fused into a single ribbon of black stone. And those roads are clogged with night-walking Londoners, heedless of the danger from the vampires among them. Are they so emboldened by the phantom torches which pierce the night and stab my eyes? Surely my world has died, and all I love lies buried with it."

The pea soup fog of Redemption's London is largely a thing of the past: the Industrial Revolution, to be exact. What we think of as fog when we see the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films, Jack the Ripper tales, or other representations, was actually a sort of smog, a noxious amalgamation of River Thames fog and pervasive coal smoke. Burning cleaner coal, and less of it, cleared that right up, but London and other major cities had been using coal for so long (and cars with leaded petrol and such for a while as well), that they literally had to clean the buildings as well, using pressure washers to spray the black soot, ingrained after decades, off of the walls.

London and most of Vienna are not available as Multiplayer maps with the standard release of the game. However, London Hub should be easy to come by, and some of the Vienna maps too.

Tomes/Disciplines Edit

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Christof and Lily attain Domination after the first encounter with Lucretia in the Setite Temple; Christof receives Serpentis after the second, and this is unaffected by any choices. Pink receives Fortitude at the Apex of the Tower of London.

Humanity Edit

There is 20 Humanity to be gained in London, and 40 lost; 10 of each is mutually exclusive. After meeting Lucretia, there are no more Humanity gains.

If the player wants the "Good" Ending and has less than 30 Humanity when they start London or less than 50 when they leave, they need a restart or earlier save. The previous gain was refusing to kill Luther Black, and the previous loss was avoided by insisting on going to Vysehrad Castle.

  • Click on the blood vats to destroy them and halt Father Leo Alatius' assault. Killing him loses 10 Humanity.
  • Setite Brothel: When Lily first sets eyes on Christof, "Perhaps you will be a valuable ally" despite its mercenary air, gains 10 points.
    • "I trust no one in this foul place!" Loses 10.
  • Pink wants to kill Lucretia when they first encounter her. "Nay, tell us of thy shipping routes and free Lily of the bonds of blood. Then we shall part in peace." Gains 10.
  • Consume Lucretia's power from her heart and lose 20 humanity. It's also bugged

West London Edit

Exit to East London

Society of Leopold Edit

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Only one of the headquarters of the Society of Leopold, which is in turn only part of the Inquisition. Run with a tight and iron fist by the corrupt as well as zealous Father Leo Alatius. The Modern Times begins in the deepest part of the Society headquarters as Christof must escape

Curio Shop Edit


Sumner Montague


Some of the collection of Masks on the walls

When Pink accompanies Christof to his apothecary shop, the human Mage Sumner Montague gives his visitors a somewhat chilly welcome. His tone irritates Pink, who picks a fight with Sumner, who refuses to back down, and Christof is forced to intervene.

His name is an inversion of Montague Summers, a real life writer on the occult who banked credibility from a scholarly perspective of skepticism but made large cash withdrawals from the titillation his works evoked.

Sumner's model is used again in the Leaves of Three Multiplayer scenario, as Johnston the Tremere Regent Secundus

Banners that could easily be Clan Heraldry hang in Sumner Montague's Curio Shop. There are the distinctive vulture wings of Egyptian Setite art and skull symbols that could approximate Cappadocian or Giovanni or possibly Lasombra clan symbols

Club Tenebrae Edit

Christof Tenebrae

Christof's modern clothes when wearing lower than Flak Armor or so

Pink and a human bartender voiced by Wilhem Streicher's voice actor Michael Benyaer. The Club Music is by Youth Engine.

Pink offers his assessment of the modern times.

West London Underground Edit

Exit to East London

East London Edit

In the storyline, the weapon seller, the original model for Dominic's Malkavian army in Leaves of Three, pops out of a white van near the Bridge Haven. It is possible for him to sell many things, so if money is tight you may need to be patient. It is also possible he does not sell everything, and a fair bit of anecdotal evidence points to this being true. Even Patience cannot defeat Futility.

East London Underground Edit

Exit to West London

Exiting the Underground, Pink continues his tutelage of Christof.

"I should bring you up to date on the modern world, Christof. Let's see. Against all odds, peddlers and moneychangers defeated the priests and the nobles, so now merchants rule the world."

Bridge Haven Edit

Rest bed, Inventory chest. Weapon seller outside in white van.

Setite Brothel Edit

Exit to East London and the Setite Temple

Pink: "Brace that tender heart a' yours, Chris. These damn Setite snakes ghoul the working girls and boys, and sell 'em to mortals and Kindred alike. Kindred pay to feed on the poor harlots, and the Setites feed on the mortal customers. The juice-bags leave tired, but they never suspect a thing. Cozy as you please. The mistress of the place is a Setite called Lucretia. She sells some of their ghoul slaves to the Sabbat in America, and runs drugs and weapons through those cargo ships a' yours. Maybe she's picking up some extra cash moving mud for the fiends."

Setite Temple Edit

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Tower of London Edit

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The Tower of London, for much of its history, was essentially a prison for political prisoners, and numerous inconvenient people were tortured and/or met their end here.

The Monocle of Clarity, found at the end of the To Curse the Darkness multiplayer map. The London Tower theme is unique to this location. The Potence Tome is found on the first floor, at a dead end. Fortitude skill is given to Pink at the top of the tower.

St. Magdalena Cargo Ship Edit

St Magdalena2

Nosferatu Sabbat are attacking Interpol agents as the coterie board, and a dying Interpol agent gives them a message for George Thorne in New York City.

"Tell Agent Thorne..the big boss is Allesandro Giovanni. He's got to set up an FBI raid on Allesandro's warehouse, and they'll find everything. The guns, the heroin, the Prague contraband. Everything. Please!"

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