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Objective in both Single- and Multiplayer is, basically, get to the end, although the Redemption uplink box is more difficult to discern than the Leaves of Three elevator cage. If players forgot what the objective was by the time they got there, that might be because the Sewers are huge: much much bigger than the corresponding above ground area.

The Ghoul Alligator is a threat, and gets a cutscene to itself. Recommended: Repeated Beckoning in Redemption, and in Multiplayer, Summon Soul, Shambling Hordes etc are also good options. Anything to keep its lockdown "Maul" attack off of you. Alligators, the barge and the cutscene of floating across the water on it, are all cut from Leaves of Three.

The Methuselah is terribly powerful, with its Drawing Out the Beast and high Obfuscate. Go back and get Serenity rings if necessary.

The Nosferatu are heavily armed in both scenarios. Grenade Launchers are, in most cases, harder to dodge than the later Rocket Launchers, but they are used in at least one area that is ideal for dodging: stairs. Run up to get the Nos to shoot, run back to evade the firey blast, repeat. The Nos will kill himself and take his friends with him.

Explosive Charges are found here. They are best used as a deathblow, since the damage is decent but the lockdown before you get to attack again is too long.

Tomes and Disciplines Edit

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Fortitude given to Samuel after retrieving the codes to the Giovanni Warehouse

In Leaves of Three, there is a tome in a side room

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Sabbat Prince of New York in Redemption. His circle of Ghoul Rats remains in the Multiplayer scenario, but he himself is replaced by a few more Rats. In Lo3, his character model is used to represent Mr Shreck, a Nosferatu Primogen. Mr Shreck has a less tenuous connection to canon due to being Camarilla, but is still distinguishable from Prince Pro-Tempore Calebros, who served as Prince for five years after the Battle of New York City and then abdicated in favor of yet another Ventrue.

Creatures Edit

Some of these are Dark Ages

Name Health Blood XP Type ID Damage Bash Lethal Aggrav Notes
Alligator Animal? 30 Aggr Brass Knuckles not only reduces damage, but speeds up attacks considerably, and removes the 'Maul' special attack
Ghoul Rat 20 80 10 Ghoul, animal
Ghoul Rat (big) 30 80 20 Ghoul, animal
Ghoul Spider 120 80 75 Ghoul, animal
Ghoul Spider baby 60 20 20 Ghoul, animal
Nosferatu Fledgling (modern) Nosferatu All modern Nosferatu share the same character model, but have different weapons and skills
Nosferatu Neo 150 Nosferatu
Nosferatu Ancillae 150 Nosferatu
Nosferatu Elder 200 Nosferatu
Nosferatu Methuselah 300 Nosferatu

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