Obtenebration in Age of Redemption

Not available in single player. Lasombra enemies in single player use Dark Hunter, the only skill granted by this tome.

The Age of Redemption Mod adds a full five abilities to both Redemption single player storyline and Multiplayer. Dark Hunter is not included.

Players cannot choose a Lasombra character in multiplayer without a mod. Lasombra enemies in multiplayer can use Dominate and Potence skills as well as Obtenebration. The Lasombra clan and powers were added to Multiplayer by the Within the Darkness mod, but the powers were still reserved in comparison to the Mind's Eye / tabletop version.

Presumably the greater power of the tabletop and Live Action Roleplaying Lasombra were to give the Game Masters an edge for their NPCs

Age of Redemption Edit

In the Age of Redemption Mod, the powers are:

Shadow Play Edit

Suffocate and paralyze the victim with darkness (caster's Perception vs target's Wits). Blood 15. Cast on Self. Minimum 25 Perception

Shroud of Night Edit

Bring the darkness in around you to protect you from harm and envelop your enemies. Blood 30. Cast on Self. Minimum 35 Perception

Arms of the Abyss Edit

Summons a shadow tendril to aid you. Blood 30. Cast on Self. Minimum 50 Perception, 35 Wits

Black Metamorphosis Edit

Transform into a demonic being of shadow with tendrils that will grapple & paralyze your foes. Blood 40. Cast on Self. Minimum 75 Perception, 45 Wits

Tenebrous Form Edit

Transform into pure tenebrous shadow that evades harm. Blood 45. Cast on Self. Minimum 75 Perception, 65 Wits