Orvus, Mage of the Hermetic Order. Helpful 'quest NPC' and Apothecary in Eastern Ringstrasse in Vienna (magic items). He puts magic into perspective in the White Wolf narrative; in medieval times, magic was already waning from the world, and has grown much weaker in the modern world. Mage: The Ascension is the Mage's counterpart to Vampire and deals with this subject in MUCH more depth.

Eastern Ringstrasse in Vienna Magic Shop:

Christof mistakes Orvus for a Tremere, but in truth it is the other way around, with the Tremere looking like Mages of the Order because the Tremere were originally Mages of the Hermetic Order before they became vampires, lost their magic powers, and had to research new vampiric ones.

Voice actor: Jason Spivack (Wikipedia:Jason Spivack)

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Like Emelia Gerard, the NY magic seller and her cat, the bat he holds aloft is placed separately; just be sure to not move the ST head in the meantime, or delete Orvus, which moves the ST head back to his original position, and replace him. The cat held in her arm fits with few if any models, but there is a separate animated sitting cat model

Voice actor: same as the recorded messages in the Society of Leopold (Brother )

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There are other journals, try _945 and below where there is a gap in the numbers. The story they tell is concurrent with Father Leo Alatius' journals