Potence adds damage to close-combat attacks (melee weapons or fists)

There is a tactical continuum, usually hidden in class abilities, from most aggressive to most defensive, with damage and damage increase abilities at one end, and damage prevention and healing at the other.[1] Dead enemies do less damage; putting one's efforts into killing them first is preferental. When that strategy comes up short, evasive maneuevers is a good idea, and when that is not enough, there is Fortitude and other damage prevention.

Potence costs 20 Blood; less than Celerity, and it is more effective at increasing damage than Celerity's attack speed increase

Potence is only available in single player on characters that start with it; Brujah and Nosferatu in single- and multi-player get this skill. Available as a Tome in Tower of London 1, but it is not granted to any of the characters after storyline events. Christof, Wilhem, and Pink start with it, as does the Nosferatu Samuel

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  1. Paradigm : Final Fantasy XIII's system of damage dealing and defensive classes makes this continuum overt