Tome Society

Lure of Flames Tome in the Society of Leopold in London

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Single Player Edit

Most tomes are found on bookstands marked with the Vampire Ankh on them, although they may be found on any flat surface, especially in modern times

Disciplines: Storyline and Tomes Edit

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Discipline Tome Christof Wilhem Serena Erik Pink Lily Samuel
Animalism Josef 2
Flesh 1
Vysehrad Clan Clan
Auspex Ardan Clan Clan
Blood Magic Chantry 2
Blood Rituals Haus
Celerity Clan Clan L.Black Clan Clan Orsi
Dominate Clock
Factory 2
Set L.Black Set
Fortitude Josef Clan Clan Tower Sewers
Hands of D Vysehr.2 Etrius
Lure of Flames Teutonic 3
Leopold 2
Mortis Giov 2 Giov Clan
Obfuscate Set 2 L.Black Josef Giov Clan
Potence Tower 1 Clan Clan Clan* Clan
Presence Clan Clan Clan* Clan
Protean Petrin Start Clan
Serpentis Set

Middle Ages Edit

Modern Times Edit

Character Advancement Edit

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Animalism Edit

It is quite redundant to give it to Christof, as he receives this ability after the Vozhd in Vysehrad Castle is dealt with. Erik the Gangrel and Samuel the Nosferatu, and characters of those Clans in multiplayer, start with it.

Auspex Edit

Christof receives this ability after Ardan is defeated. Serena the Cappadocian and Lily the Toreador start with this, as do Clan Tremere, Toreador and Cappadocian characters in multiplayer

Blood MagicEdit

Path of Blood is given as two tomes, both in the Dark Ages, but is not given to characters as advancement

Blood Rituals Edit

No vampire clans start with this skill; it is only available as a tome (one in the single-player game in Haus de Hexe 3)

Celerity Edit

Erik receives this skill after the encounter with Luther Black, after the party has left Stephensdom; Samuel, after the modern age encounter with Orsi. Brujah and Toreador in single- and multi-player get this skill; Christof, Wilhem, and Pink start with it, as does the Toreador Lily. Within the Darkness and other modifications to the game may create characters of other clans not normally in Redemption that also use this skill

Dementation Edit

Not available at all in single player. There is a tome in Leaves of Three multiplayer scenario.

Dominate Edit

Wilhem receives this skill after the encounter with Luther Black, after the party has left Stephensdom. Christof and Lily receive it after the first encounter with Lucretia in the Setite Temple.

Fortitude Edit

This ability is given to Christof after navigating Josef's Tunnels, to Pink at the top of the Tower, and to Samuel at the end of the Sewers.

Hands of Destruction Edit

Serena obtains this skill after Etrius is defeated, and there is one tome in the Dark Ages, with a Humanity requirement

Lure of Flames Edit

So good, the developers gave the players two of its tomes. Given to Serena after Ardan; otherwise, only available as a tome.

Mortis Edit

Mortis Tome

Warehouse second floor

Do not give the Mortis Tome found in the Sewers to Christof, as he receives the skill for free at the very end of the Giovanni Warehouse. In the Age of Redemption mod, the Warehouse tome on the second floor is a tome of Mortis

Later in the game, when there is access to Theft of Vitae or at the very least, Tongue of the Asp, and money flows like water from all the Heavy Weapons that can be found in chests, the Mortis Tome found in the Sewers is an easier option to fit into the game plan

Obfuscate Edit

Set Tome

Obfuscate in Setite Temple

Obfuscate ability is given to Wilhem after navigating Josef's Tunnels. Christof gets it after the encounter with Luther Black, after the party has left Stephensdom. A tome is available on level 2 of the Setite Temple. Lily gets it after the Giovanni Stronghold is raided. Samuel starts with it. Nosferatu in the single player game all have varying levels of it, making more and more of their actions invisible.

Obtenebration Edit

Not available in single player. Lasombra enemies in single player use Dark Hunter, the only skill granted by this tome. Players cannot choose a Lasombra character in multiplayer without a mod. Lasombra enemies in multiplayer can use Dominate and Potence skills as well as Obtenebration. The Lasombra clan and powers were added by the Within the Darkness mod, but the powers were still reserved in comparison to the Mind's Eye / tabletop version.

Potence Edit

Potence is available as a Tome from Sewers 2, but it is not granted to any of the characters. Brujah and Nosferatu in single- and multi-player get this skill. Christof, Wilhem, and Pink start with it, as does the Nosferatu Samuel

Presence Edit

Brujah, Toreador and Ventrue in single- and multi-player get this skill. Christof, Wilhem, Lily, and Pink start with it. In single player, no tomes, nor is anyone granted it.

Awe + Feed

Protean Edit

Christof receives this group after retrieving the fragment of the Book of Nod in Petrin Hill Monastery

Serpentis Edit

Christof is given Serpentis after the second encounter with Lucretia, whether he chooses to drink from the heart or destroy it.