Medieval Wilhem in Leather Armor or Studded Leather

Brujah of the 10th Generation, a Childe of Cosmo, who is a Childe of Ecaterina the Wise. He is Ecaterina's servant and a rather unusual Brujah, recognised by his calmness despite his action oriented nature. He teaches Christof the basics of being a Cainite during his first missions. Besides his standard Brujah disciplines of Potence, Presence and Celerity he also has knowledge of Protean, a discipline characteristic to the Gangrel Clan.

By the end of the Dark Ages storyline, he has gained Obfuscate (in Josef's Tunnels) and Dominate (Luther Black's Stephensdom)

He rejoins Christof in his adventures in New York, returning at the end of the Giovanni Warehouse to warn Christof of some finer points of Vukodlak's plan. During the time of Christof's torpor from the Dark Ages to modern days Ecaterina and the Promethians have eventually joined the Sabbat, a Vampire sect that opposes the Camarilla for different reasons than the Anarchs. They tend to disdain the Masquerade and mortals along with it, and more so than other vampires, may see mortals as Kine, simple cattle for vampires to feed upon. Despite his allegiance determined by the relations of the Promethians with the Ventrue, Wilhem appears to have managed to preserve a good part of his humanity. He returns a tenth generation Elder, with 180,000 XP. 200 hit points, 170 bloodpool, and a low 40 Humanity, making him more susceptible to Frenzy.

He has 65 Strength, 70 Dexterity and 75 Stamina. He has 60 Perception, and 65 in Intelligence, Wits, Charisma, and Manipulation. He has 70 Appearance.

He has all the Disciplines he started with (except Protean?) and gained through the quest line, and retains no disciplines learned with Tomes

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