Waste of Chaingun Ammo

Spectacular, but a complete waste of Chaingun ammunition. Wraiths' resistances make them almost completely invulnerable to Bashing, which includes bullets

The resistances on Wraiths all but precludes attacking them with certain weapons and disciplines. All have 1000 resistance to Bashing attacks, making bullets almost useless. All attack very slowly, but with attacks that are likely to meet little resistance (less so with the Dark Hunter's Aggravated damage, but much armor has less Aggravated protection)

Found in the Dark Ages in the Petrin Hill Monastery, and in the Modern Times in the Tower of London and in New York City's Giovanni Warehouse.

Wraith Edit

Summoned by Giovanni in particular and sometimes Cappadocians. Lots of them lurk in the Tower of London, not summoned but bound to that place by their untimely deaths

30 Cold damage attack. 1000 Bash, 30 Lethal, 40 Aggravated. 40 Electricity, 1000 Cold. 120 HP. Zero blood. A permanent low Frenzy of 20; it never goes back to zero. 35 Strength, 55 Dexterity, 60 Stamina. 35 Perception, Intelligence, and Wits. Zero Charisma, Manipulation, and Appearance.

Vaclav Edit

King Vaclav challenges the party and accuses them of trespassing. Like all Wraith-type enemies, he has significant resistances

Same as Wraith except:

25 Cold attack. 60 Lethal , 60 Aggravated. 1000 Electricity. 15 Perception and Wits, 25 Intelligence, 40 Strength, 75 Stamina

Dark Hunter Edit

Do the weaker Aggravated damage, but are even more resistant, with swords etc Lethal damage being largely ineffective. Summoned by Lasombra enemies, and sometimes lurk in the last level of Stephensdom

Same as Wraith except:

HP 100. 1000 Lethal resistance. 30 Aggravated resistance, 25 Aggravated attack. 45 Strength and Stamina. 55 Dexterity. Zero Appearance. All other stats, 25.

Gallery Edit